Yatin Sharma

Full Stack Developer

Mohali, Punjab, India

(+91) 9988237879



Eviden (ATOS), Pune— Consultant

February  2023 - Apr 2024

Supply chain management & Urgent Ordering.

Reverselogix, Gurugram — Sr. Software Engineer

July 2021 - Dec-2022

Reverse supply-chain web application.

Bitlife Infotech, Mohali — Sr. Software Developer

September 2018 - July 2021

Supply-chain web application.

Vivald Solutions, Mohali — Sr. Software Developer

May 2014 - August 2018

Healthcare web application.


Supply Chain App Eviden (ATOS)

This internal urgent ordering app simplifies managing unexpected demand surges, streamlining response to exceptional scenarios.

- ReactJS application leveraging the Next.js framework and TypeScript
- react-query to streamline data fetching and state management effectively.
- Clean, utility-driven aesthetic using Tailwind CSS.
- Unit testing using Jest and the React Testing Library.
- Functional testing via Cypress.
- Implemented event driven solution to create orders using Google Pub-Sub and Kubernetes

Reverse Supply Chain App Reverselogix

It is a  returns management system (RMS) with configurable and flexible workflows that serve B2B, B2C and hybrid environments. Also, solving returns logistics puzzle and optimizing it.

- Used extensively Angular 10 for frontend.
- Improved portal (Angular) load speed by 20 times.
- Optimized app load speed by analyzing SQL queries.
- Implemented Multilinguality in the portal without
using Translate API.
- Extensive use of Stored Procedures, Functions, Views, Triggers in SQL.
- Worked with a team size of 8-14 developers/designers.

Supply Chain AppBitlife Infotech

Specializing in auctions of used medical, technology

and facility equipment.

- Started using Angular (6)  for frontend
- Used Repository Pattern, Entity Framework in .Net.
- Created multiple web APIs.
- Worked on various plugins including JQuery and Google Charts

Healthcare Web App Vivald Solutions

Making global health more affordable, accessible and inclusive.

- Used .Net Reflection in various modules
- Sync module to sync data between cloud and apps
- Patient Engagements, Treatment Diagnosis Module
- Manage connected data from various clinics
- Graphically represented patient diseases with javascript and jquery
- Web Forms, Grids and Repeaters


ReactJS, NextJS

Angular (V6-10)

  • Javascript, Typescript
  • Cypress, Jest
  • C#, Asp.net, MVC
  • .Net Core
  • SQL (T-SQL)
  • Entity Framework, LINQ
  • Kubernetes
  • HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
  • Node (express)
  • Github, VS Code and Postman


MBA, School of Management Studies

2012 - 2014

Punjabi University, Patiala, Punjab

BBA , Ferozepur Institute of Management

2009 - 2012

Ferozepur, Punjab


Traveling, Astrophotography, Gardening, Music & Dance